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Broadcast credits include:

Press comments on some First Freedom programmes

‘Treasures of St Petersburg & The Hermitage’
Directors: Rein Kotov, Graham Addicott. Series Producer: Pille Rünk

“If St Petersburg’s spectacular 300th birthday celebrations whetted your appetite, then this series …….. is for you.” – Mail On Sunday

“…. almost perfectly mimics the arts output of the BBC when the  corporation was still regarded as a bastion of high culture ………
serious and methodical the programme eschews tricksy camerawork,  reconstructions of any kind and the ill-formed opinions of the nearest  passer-by in the street.” – Time Out

“….. what you see is what you get, and what you get is an inspiring tour  through one the architectural wonders of the world.” – The Times

“This is more than a story of the fine city, it is also a tribute to the courage and determination of its people” – Daily Mail

‘The Thai Way’
Director/Co-Producer: Graham Addicott. Co-Producer: Pille Rünk

“One….. to watch out for” – TV Times

‘Bomb Squad’
Director: Rein Kotov. Producer: Pille Rünk.
Exec Producers: Graham Addicott & Paul Andersen

Broadcast Awards ‘Best cable or satellite programme’ nominee.

“A genuinely surprising and inspiring film….humbling” – The Times
“this compelling film” – Yvette Huddleston, Daily Mail
“shows it just like it is” – Simon Horsford, Daily Telegraph
“tragically compelling” – Anthony Troon, The Scotsman

‘Treasures of Athens & Olympia’
Directors: Rein Kotov, Graham Addicott. Series Producer: Pille Rünk

“……this thoughtful three-part series”  – The Daily Telegraph

“…… examines the impact that the ‘Great Awakening’ in arts, culture and architecture of 5th century BC Greece had on the development of Western civilisation. Superlative.” – The Observer

“Interesting nuggets (for example, the original Olympic athletes were naked) intertwine with worthwhile points and ………leave you eager to visit Athens.” – Time Out

“….. a must-see for any for any semi-cultured person for whom Greece means something more than just football.” – The Sunday Times

‘Outback Investigator’
Producer/Director: Graham Addicott
Asst Producer: Natasha Sweeney

“Fascinating stuff” – Yvette Huddleston, Daily Mail
“absorbing and unsensational” – Rob Mackie, The Guardian

‘A Brief History of Slang’
Director: Phil Day. Producer: Rosemary Forgan.

“entertaining” – Daily Telegraph
“fascinating stuff” – The Observer

Director: David Barlow. Producers: Graham Addicott & Rosemary Forgan

“has an air of appealing freshness that has long since deserted other wildlife programmes”  – Time Out
“beguiling” – Peter Waymark, The Times
“highly original, entertaining” – Amateur Photographer

‘A Month of Living Dangerously’
(UK title: ‘Saving Paradise’)
Director: Gareth Morris. Producers: Natasha Sweeney, Graham Addicott

“This…. series has a real sense of wonder and self-discovery that those carefully staged ‘reality’ shows with big budgets can only envy” – Marsha Dunstan, Daily Telegraph

‘Lost Gardens of Heligan’
Producers: Rosemary Forgan & Frances Berrigan

“fascinating” – Financial Times
“This magical six part series” – Daily Mail
“I was hooked” – Jennifer Selway, Radio Times

‘Fear and Counting in Las Vegas’
Director: Paul O’Dell. Producer: Graham Addicott

“captures all the action” – Daily Telegraph
“I could have spent countless nights with this blackjack player extraordinaire”
 –    Pam Francis, Today
“this absorbing film” – Liz Jarvis, Today
“an astonishing testament to US gambling fever” – Graham Keal, Evening Mail 

‘Mushroom Magic’
Director: Graham Addicott. Producers: Rosemary Forgan & Jackie Bennett.

“excellent” – The Independent
“it makes one’s mouth water” – Sean Day-Lewis, Sunday Telegraph
“ oddball……cult viewing and the surprise success of the year” – The Observer
“only Channel Four”  – David Churchill, Financial Times

‘There’s Something About a Convent Girl’
Director: Paul O’Dell. Producer: Rosemary Forgan.

“shocking, witty and spot-on” – Sunday Telegraph, Sydney, Australia
“Let there be no faint praise: the programme was extremely entertaining, as funny as it was sad” – Sean Day-Lewis, Sunday Telegraph & The Scotsman
“Like a well trailed worm, it hauls up strange fish from deep places” – Nancy Banks-Smith, The Guardian
“Gem of the week” – Wales On Sunday
“The programme went out in nearly the middle of the night 10 days ago –  people are still stopping me in the street to mention it” – Anne Robinson, Daily Mail
“compelling stuff” – Jim Taylor, The Sun
“You can always count on the independents to come up with fresh ideas for television.” – Julie Davidson, Glasgow Herald

Director: Ken Craig. Producers: Amanda Lowe & Graham Addicott

“an unusually candid and enthralling series” – The Times

‘Killing for Fun?’
Director: Paul O’Dell. Producer/Reporter: Graham Addicott.

“a refreshingly different angle” – The Observer

‘Where Were You?’
Director/Editor: Paul O’Dell. Producer: Rosemary Forgan.

“cleverly cut” – Daily Telegraph
“a superb compilation of the memories” – Elizabeth Cowley, Daily Mail
“compelling” – The Times
“fascinating” – The Scotsman
“a treat” – Compton Miller, Daily Express